WoodWaterMetalFireEarth Qi (Ch'i) "life force" or "spiritual energy"
Reiki and the meridians

3,000 years ago Chinese medical scholars recognised the existence of a vital energy, which they called Qi - it means the universal life force energy. All matter is composed of this universal life force energy. As we need blood to flow freely through our body's circulatory system we also need Qi to flow freely through our energy system of meridians.

Gisela combines her experience of Reiki and her knowledge Chinese medicine. A Reiki treatment can balance the energy system and facilitate the smooth flow of Qi through the meridian system. Blockages in meridians can be dissolved by using Reiki and help restore the body's healthy flow of Qi.  The existence of life force energy and the necessity for it to flow freely in and around one's body to maintain health has been studied and acknowledged by health care practitioners as well as scientists.
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