WoodWaterMetalFireEarth Qi (Ch'i) "life force" or "spiritual energy"
Teaching Reiki 3 – the Third Degree

This is the Reiki 3a Master and Reiki 3b Teacher levels. You will learn the Master symbol, receive more attunements and learn the process of attuning people to Reiki energy, which is at the heart of the workshop experience. By drawing the Reiki symbols into the recipient's energy field, you are introducing them to the energy flow from the circle of Reiki Masters.

Reiki Teacher 3b is held separately. We will look at some of the practical methods of teaching Reiki to others, and some thoughts about manual writing and class organisation to enable others to channel the energy. Once a recipient is empowered with Reiki, they will have it the rest of their life.

Reiki attunements clear the recipient's energy channels, They renew and rejuvenate. At the end of each of the third degree levels, you will receive a manual and certificates.
What is Reiki?
Reiki Treatment
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